Castilla Dealt For a PitcherThe Post
GM Jim Bowden made a good trade, shipping 3B Vinny Castilla off to San Diego for mediocre pitcher, Brian Lawrence who was 7-15 with a 4.83 ERA in 33 starts last season. Not great, but that is a lot of work and after September, just having a guy who can make 33 starts sounds pretty special. Also, the trade is a wash financially since they have similar salaries. Perhaps the biggest upside — Dutch Zimmerman is the everyday third baseman.

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Family Business Looks to ExpandThe Post
The Lerner bid profiled. They are a family of real estate moguls. Gary Abramson, whose family shares a suite at FedEx Field with the Lerners, has this to say about them:

(They) don’t think like a corporation. They think like a family. They have pride of ownership in terms of the projects. They visit them personally, know the tenants, visit the employees. They would bring a family, hands-on pride to the team.

There are concerns that they have done enough to create local support though:

But others privately express concern that Lerner’s group does not have the broad political and business support from the Washington community enjoyed by some other groups. And some in the business community said the Lerners haven’t worked hard enough at solidifying local backing.

Mayor Anthony Williams said that they are “the real sleeper in this.”

Also, family patriarch Theodore Lerner, a D.C. native, once sold programs at Griffith Stadium.

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