Penn State may have a bye week, but that does not mean that Carroll H. Cook (’54 Pitt) did not have a few things to say about the Nittany Lions during his weekly ESPN SportsNation chat.

Larry (Wash., D.C.): Hey Beano! What’s the biggest story in college football this year thus far?

Beano Cook: Notre Dame, Penn State, Alabama and USC.

Okay, I will go along with that, except for Notre Dame. Two losses a bandwagon should not make.

Steve Hershey PA: Why isn’t Michael Robinson listed with the Heisman Contenders?

Beano Cook: Because he isn’t one. He is, but not in the top echelon. He has had a great season, but realistically the top four will be Bush, Young, Leinart and Quinn, not necessarily in that order. I know there are plenty of other quality guys who deserve consideration. The top four will be those guys.

Beano is right, MRob has had quite a season, but he is not one of the four best players in the country. He might be second team All-Big11Ten.

Brian (Chicago, IL): Will Kurt Ferentz be the next coach at PSU?

Beano Cook: First of all, it is Kirk, not Kurt. Paterno will be there for at least three more years, so if Ferentz wants to wait…Paterno stays in Happy Valley unless there are health problems.

Remember when this sort of question was asked weekly? Bradley will get an interview, but Big11Ten regulations may make it hard for Ferentz to move to PSU.

Jacob (Greenwich, CT):
I personally am tired of ND getting preferential treatment not only by their exclusive clauses in the BCS but also by the media and the pollsters that continue to overrate them.

Beano Cook: That’s your opinion.

Beano Cook: Believe me, I am not a particular fan of Notre Dame, but give credit where credit is due. The Irish will always play a quality non-league schedule. Next season Michigan and Penn State visit South Bend early.

It will be interesting to see how many Penn Staters make it into South Bend next September.

Frank (Cincinnati): Any truth to rumors that Galen Hall might leave PSU for another job?

Beano Cook: If he was offered a head coaching job, perhaps. If he is offered a coordinator position, no.

This is the first I have heard this rumor, so methinks it is not a strong one. Galen Hall is on the record as saying he is sticking around as long as Joe Paterno is head coach and I doubt he has much incentive to go back on that statement. It has to be a lot more fun for him this year.

Well, that is all, kind of a ho-hum Beano Watch this week, but I fully expect him to have more to say over the next two weeks.

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