metrocentershirt.jpgLike other major transit systems, WMATA sells a line of merchandise. The online store includes, maps, mugs, trinkets, and the “Metro at 25″ coffee table book, among other things. Also available are black t-shirts from a few stations; Archives – Navy Memorial, College Park – U of MD, Metro Center, Pentagon, Shaw – Howard U, Smithsonian, Union Station. Customizable t-shirts, mugs, and mousepads are available for all stations, but the t-shirts are white instead of solid black.

While NYC Subway t-shirts have their fans (I have seen people wearing them in at least three cities not named New York), I have yet to see anyone with a Metro one. I wonder why this is — lack of history/cachet of WMATA? Nobody knows that you can buy an Medical Center t-shirt? No stands in stations (a la Boston’s T) or elsewhere, like museum gift shops? You can’t get the coveted Medical Center t-shirt in black?

Would get your neighborhood’s Metro station t-shirt?

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Author: WFY

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