• QB Mike Robinson finished fifth in the Heisman voting (50 Yard Lion on pennlive.com), which about where he should have been. No New York invitation though.
  • Paul Posluszny won the Butkus Award (CDT) for being the nation’s top linebacker, which kind of surprises me. I figured A.J. Hawk would win it because he is a senior and Poz is just a junior, but I cannot argue with the decision. Posluszny is just excellent, period. Looks like that Sports Illustrated cover story went a long way…
  • So it is the Orange Bowl against Free Shoes University…okay, I can get excited — a chance for Joe Paterno to pick up some wins on Bobby Bowden. One drawback — I don’t really know any Seminoles to make some sort of wager. I had been hoping for Miami (my cousin went there), but they laid an egg against Georgia Tech. I was then hoping for Virginia Tech, but Marcus Vick must have been thinking about underage girls again (MSNBC) and the lost the ACC Championship to the seemingly inferior FSU. Oh well, should be fine either way. Dag gummit!
  • Penn State picked up I-AA Youngstown State to fill a hole created by Louisiana Tech backing out of the September 16 game next year. This is a TRAP game, because Youngstown State is historically an excellent program. Jim Tressel was their coach before going to The Ohio State. One upside, the nickname is Penguins and as longtime WWN readers know, I enjoy it when my teams beat flightless birds. Speaking of Penguins, sorry Sam and Jake…
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