Baseball Files for Arbitration on D.C. StadiumThe Post
Wow, isn’t great the Major League Baseball is taking the D.C. Council to Arby’s? They can all chow down on a big roast beef sandwich and reminisce about the last couple of years they have spent together. Maybe Ken Beatrice will stop on by and remind them about how well the late Bernie Streeter treated his Arby’s employees. Ken can tell everyone that he never touches the curly fries and that he has to limit himself to one or two milkshakes a month. At the end the night, as he shows everyone the door, Ken will exclaim “bye now!” and everything will be just right.

Except that is not what is happening, MLB is taking the District to arbitration. While there is no good PR involved here, there is an outside shot it will advance the process and get everyone speaking together and working this all out. There are 15 days of mediation involved, so things could conceivably get better. Will they? Well, probably not. The Yudites have the best perspective on this whole saga.

More from The Wash. Times: Stadium dispute heads to mediator

Wilson Goes From Nationals to AstrosThe Post
Oh yeah, CF Preston “nothin’ from nothin'” Wilson signed with Houston. You may remember him as the guy who was brought because of his superior fielding and power and proceeded to excel in neither aspect of the game. The Nats tanked after his arrival, though he is not the reason why, he will missed less than even Dave Shea.

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