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Inventory: The XII Greatest Super Bowl Highlight FilmsThe Onion A.V. Club
A look at twelve of the Super Bowl highlights films, which are among the 39 running on an endless loop on various ESPN channels as we speak. The thrust of the article is that NFL Films made better, more artful films when the games were bad and that they are no longer of the caliber that they were when John Facenda was alive. Being a connoisseur of the series (I think I spent most of the first post-graduate month watching them all for the 100th time) I am inclined to agree. Much has been said about Facenda and I do not believe I could add anything that has not already been said about “the voice of God.” However, even with him gone, the films should go back the style that made them great in the ’70s. Right now, modern NFL Films look like movies made by PR people, whereas they used to look like PR or more appropriately, propaganda, made by filmmakers.

I have one beef with the article though and that is the omission of XIII which is the best Super Bowl film from what was probably the best Super Bowl. I am not sure the reviewer understands the significance of that game which saw two dynasties meeting to close out a decade.

POSTSCRIPT: That reminds me, I forgot to put the NFL Films box set, Autumn Thunder on my Christmas list this year. Oh well, there is my birthday…

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