Since Friday, Blogger has been deleting any post that I create. This includes drafts as well as regular posts. Two of them appeared on the WWN front page Saturday morning only to disappear — very annoying.

The standalone posts are still around because blogger only outputs individual articles and can not erase them without specific intervention from an administrator. So, here are Saturday’s posts:

Pitchers and catchers report today

The i-99 nightmare

If you subscribe to one of my syndication feeds (see left navigation), this is not too much of an issue for you, since they were delivered successfully, even after Blogger stuff the posts in the memory hole. It is also an incredibly more efficient way to keep up with your favorite Web sites. I recommend SharpReader, by the way. I have also used Mozilla’s Thunderbird, but I am not crazy about it.

If this post is still up when I get home from work today, I will resume regular blogging.

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