Council Forges Deal on StadiumThe Post
I went to bed thinking the lease was dead, as did The Wash. TimesCouncil rejects stadium lease. I wake up early and check my newsreader and see that suspicion confirmed…

…however as my newsreader loaded up more articles and I saw that a later lease vote passed. If you want to see how it all went down, go over to misschatter’s Just a Nats Fan and Chris Needham’s Capitol Punishment for the blow-by-blow descriptions. They have earned our thanks and praise. Columnist Marc Fisher of The Post also stayed up late. What a rollercoaster ride.

A lot of newspapers are probably sitting on doorsteps indicating the lease is dead. The council returned after threats from Bob DuPuy of MLB. That is when things started getting interesting. (The Post) Thomas Boswell was talking to DuPuy throughout the night. T(h)om Loverro thought baseball was stuck with D.C., but Boswell seems to think otherwise.

Here is the vote breakdown:

Orange: yes
Patterson: yes
Schwartz: yes
Ambrose: yes
Barry: yes
Brown: yes
Catania: no
Cropp: yes
Evans: yes
Fenty: no
Graham: no
Gray: yes
Mendelson: no

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