Nats get a win over evil

Take that Angelo$! The Nats defeated Baltimore yesterday, 1 – 0, (The Wash. Times) behind solid pitching of Ramon Ortiz. In six innings, Ortiz only threw 62 pitches.

Soriano Struggles With Mental Adjustment to LeftThe Post
Alfonso Soriano does not want people to think he is the bad guy for what happened this spring. Don’t worry Alf, we know that Jim Bowden (file photo) is ultimately the villian here. Jose Guillen also does not want folks to get on Soriano if he has trouble in LF.

Robinson hopeful Nationals will be readyThe Wash. Times
Manager Frank Robinson is um, optmistic:

Let’s hope there’s some type of miracle, somebody feels sorry for us, puts a little blessing over the ballclub. Then all of the sudden we wake up like Cinderella or somebody and this is all a bad dream and we start doing the things we feel like we’re capable of doing. That’s playing good, fundamental baseball.

Fire Bowden.

Analysis Predicts Stadium WindfallThe Post
I did not get to post this article about the projected revenue in season one at the new ballpark. At $200 million, it seems high to me.

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