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The Maryland Bureau Chief sent along this column this morning, which got an email thread going. Basically, Smizik thinks that because Penn State and Pitt don’t play anymore in football, Pitt should stop playing Penn State in all sports. It is the sort of thing that Pittsburgh columnists write when the have writers block.

It is within Pitt’s rights to stop playing Penn State in other sports, but I really doubt that anyone is going to care if we don’t get to play Pitt in basketball, baseball, luge, etc. The rivalry was on the gridiron.

Sam’s assessment of the whole thing:

Its like trying to break up with a girlfriend who already dumped you 5 years ago.

Ha! More like 15 years ago.

Brad brought up another point:

You wanna know why we should not be playing Pitt in football? First of all, it’s this home-and-home stuff. Check out the past PSU-Pitt games and you’ll see that Pitt has hosted this series about 25 more times than Penn State.

And lately, every time the two teams play in the Burgh, Pitt has some ridiculous scheme to discourage Penn State fans from attending. Why should Penn State subject their fans to that treatment bi-yearly when Pitt owes them about 25 years of back taxes?

Also, who can forget that Pitt plays in a tiny stadium; one they can barely fill, despite having over a million more people living within half an hour’s drive. On any given Saturday, Penn State has at least 80% more fans.

If the series comes back that is fine, but I’d rather play Ohio State every year than Pitt. Resuming the series is way more important to the Panthers than the Nittany Lions.

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