Fritz and I went to RFK last night for the Nationals vs. Baltimore game. The Nats lost, 9-6. P John Patterson did not look great for the Nats and the team committed two errors. It was not really great baseball, but fun nonetheless. Some observations:

  • I was delighted to see the pitcher-soon-to-be-known-as-the-former-Mr. Anna Benso on on the hill for Baltimore.
  • I was very dissapointed that nobody joined me in chants of “Ann-na, Ann-na, Ann-na” when Benson was on the mound.
  • The outfield did not look like it was in great shape.
  • ¡Dutch! (now #11) did well with the bat (2 doubles), but made an error in the field.
  • Brandon Watson (still #00) had three straight singles and took a lot of pitches in a late inning strike out.
  • Kenny Kelly (now #44) crushed a pitch to straight-away center; about a 420 foot homer. I did not see that coming, how Preston Wison-esque.
  • There was not a lot of black and orange in the stands. Good.
  • Mayor Anthony Williams threw out the first pitch from a few feet in front of the mound. It was pretty good, much better than last year.
  • Somewhere in RFK you can buy nachos, but I could not for the life of me figure out where. I got a lot of exercise in my futile search for them. Anybody know where the nachos stands are located?
  • 2B Jose Vidro played like the All-Star that he apparently was in Montréal.
  • I was sitting in 532, so I did not get to see how bad Alfonso Soriano was fielding. I may be on to something. He did get cheered loudly though when he came to bat.
  • It is hard to take baseball seriously when both teams are wearing colored uniforms.

    Nats’ Patterson Has Climbed HillThe Post
    A profile/preview of John Patterson that was mostly written before last night’s game.

    THOMAS BOSWELLHit, or MissThe Post
    Boz correctly notes that if the Nats are going to have any chance this season, they are going to have to hit. He thinks the lineup is better, but I remain unconvinced. They might want to field a lot better too.

    Guillen Wants to Finalize Contract ExtensionThe Post
    I cannot blame Jose Guillen for wanting to get a contract extension done before the season starts, he cannot count on anyone but Jim Bowden (file photo) to give him anywhere near what he wants. If I were the GM, I would probably wait until after the season and risk losing him.

    The Web site for The Wash. Times was down this morning, so no article from there today.

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