Yesterday in Northern Virginia, the Board of Governors held their post-season meeting at the historic Vienna Inn. Five of the six governors were present, so there was a quorum.

Item one of the agenda was to award La Coupe Hauxer to the New Jersey Devils. Brad Stratton accepted La Coupe Hauxer on behalf of the Devils, whose steady play throughout the season allowed them to sweep victory over the Flyers. Philly nearly led the standings wire-to-wire, but choked in true Philadelphia fashion. Flyers governor L.C.G Synder was surprisingly gracious in defeat, contrary to long-standing Philly tradition.

Following the La Coupe Hauxer ceremony, the Stanley Screwdriver was awarded to the last-place Washington Capitals. The actually plaque is still in production, so Fritz Hamme accepted a unadorned Stanley screwdriver on behalf of the Caps. The Capitals delegation, including William F. Yurasko footed the bill per the LCH charter.

Additionally, the Board of Governors voted to expand the tournament if suitable teams can be found. Initial indications point to Buffalo as an strong expansion candidate. Other eastern cities are also under consideration.

Overall, the evening was excellent celebration of La Coupe Hauxer for the governors and their families. Only the poor participation of the Pittsburgh delegation marred the event. In addition to being without one member, the presiding member did not arrive in official colors. Otherwise, it was a delightful evening.

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