Comcast Will Air Nats Games, Ending DisputeThe Post
The last of “the long Nationals nightmares” appears to be over. The bullheaded organzations that are Comcast and MASN have agreed to a cease fire, effective now, that will likely result in MASN being available to D.C. area Comcast subsribers on Sept. 1. An anonymous source at Comcast did tell The Post that there could be delays in arranging the channel lineup though.

It appears that the external pressure from local governments, but mostly the FCC, finally forced Comcast to deal with MASN. The Wash. Times report indicated that MASN cut their rate by 5% as well.

WWN Deputy Editor Fritz Hamme called this is a Pyrrhic victory for Washingtonians and I am inclined to agree. The high cost was the further empowerment of Peter Angelo$, owner of MASN and the AAAA franchise up I-95. Angelo$ successfully manipulated polticians and MLB to do his bidding. I found it quite distasteful that local elected officials at the city, state, and federal level were so eager to help Angelo$ get his network on TV, they should have let him do his own dirty work. He is now heavily subsidized by Washington, which says to me he believes that Baltimore is minor league town. The NFL, NBA, and even the NHL, leagues without anti-trust exemptions, would have never tolerated this kind of behavior, proving once again that Bud Selig is a national disgrace.

It appears that no one from the Nationals was involved in getting this issue resolved. Team president Stan Kasten was told by a reporter that a truce had been reached and in a Q&A published yesterday, Mark Lerner said, “We are not in control of our own destiny. It is a very difficult situation. Hopefully, Comcast and MASN will come to a settlement in the very near future. We will not be satisfied until all of our games are on TV for our fans.”

The Oriole Park boycott is still on in my eyes, even for Nationals games as long as Angelo$ controls the Nats TV rights. Angelo$ does not deserve any more welfare from Washington.

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New Cable Deal Gives Nats HomeThe Post
With the cable situation resolved, players stand to make endorsement deals. Their families won’t have to to scramble to find games on TV either.

Alas, it may be too late for a Jose Guillen Easterns Motors ad though.

Ortiz Given a ‘Jolt,’ Helps Nats to VictoryThe Post
The Nats defeated the Padres last night in San Diego behind six solid innings of Ramon Oritz pitching and a four-run 6th inning. The highlight, if you can call it that, was Frank Robinson chewing out Ortiz for giving up a walk to start the bottom of the 6th. Surprisingly, Ortiz actually responded and got a double play.

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Lopez settles in with new ballclubThe Wash. Times
After an awful start, SS Felipe Lopez has been hot at the plate.

Speaking of FLop, anybody no good place to find LOB stats for him since he came to D.C.? I need to tally it up to settle a bet and I don’t want to have to go back to every box score over the last two weeks.

Hernandez’s Thoughts Are With CubaThe Post
With Fidel Castro ailing or dead, haven’t all of our thoughts been, “what is ¡LIVAN! thinking about all of this?”

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