Another Bizarre Day for Nats Ends With WinThe Post
After waiting until 11:32 p.m. to get the game started, the Nationals, led by a resurgent Mike O’Connor, took out the Phillies 3-1 on Ryan Zimmerman‘s 22nd birthday. The loss puts the Fleas two back in the wild card race. An Inky columnist is very grouchy about the whole thing.

Both teams were adamant about getting the game in last night since it would have had to be made up Monday otherwise.

Fans were apparently entertained ( during the delay. No word if Tom Paciorek did his Ray Romano/Cookie Monster impression over the p.a. though.

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Robinson Is Elusive After MeetingThe Post
Frank Robinson is putting on a brave front, but you know that not being asked back next year is killing him. The front office handled this poorly.

T(h)om Loverro of The Wash. Times also wants to see Robinson ‘s #20 retired (makes sense to me) and a position with the franchise.

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Rick Snider: Even better than expectedThe Wash. Examiner
Look! The Wash. Examiner is actually running a column online for a change. This one sings the praises of Zimmerman who is a strong candidate for rookie of the year.

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