Good news! We won’t have to go without whiny letters to the editor from Penn State students any longer, The Daily Collegian is publishing again (as of yesterday) now that the fall semester has started. In addition to all the usual complaints about student parking, the university’s alcohol policies, and “my political viewpoint is not being reflected” there is a new home page for the paper. It is an improvement, but I have three words of advice: sans serif fonts. It looks like RSS feeds work this year, too.

It will be intersting to see how the year plays out for The Collegian. Some things I will be looking for:

  • Complete redesign of the Web site
    What they have up on the home page is a good start, but they need to finish the rest of it. It is so 1999; it’s not funny.
  • Blogs
    The Collegian has discovered blogging. Will the learn to “co-brand” these blogs or will they just be standard blogspot templates?
  • Editor-in-chief
    Will she be competant? Usually, the answer is no, but two years ago they had a good one. Last year’s editor was the typical wishy-washy suburban feminist type who wrote pointless columns about how helpless she was living away from home, cutting off her hair, and the quality of men at PSU. She also fired an columnist for a benign column about the editing process at newspapers, and then tried to make herself a martyr for it. Lastly, she misspelled my name and refused to correct the mistake. I had to get the “adult supervision” at the paper to make the change in June, six months after my first e-mail.
  • New flag
    The paper is getting a new flag. The new flag (often called masthead) is being revealed slowly over the course of the week. It is kind of clever how they are doing it.
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