In search of…Big Red

Big Red soda logoAchtung Texpatriates! I have been tasked to find Diet Big Red Soda in the National Capital area. For the uninitiated (like me) Big Red is a Big Deal in the Lone Star State. Here is what their Web site says:

Big Red has become the dominant player in the “red” category. For the unfamiliar, the taste is described as similar to a cream soda but also as a fruity, vanilla taste, similar to bubble gum. The fact is there is nothing to describe the unique delicious taste of Big Red. It just tastes “Red” and if you haven’t tried it, you’re missing a real treat.

A look at the marketers & distributors page lists the closest bottling company in Virginia Beach. Anybody know of anywhere closer that sells it by the case or on fountain? A thirsty Texan wants to know.

Originally appeared on Metroblogging DC

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