Damage Control: Pepsi

The day after the Penn State vs. Akron game I saw a Pepsi vending machine that was selling cans for 50. Excited at the cheap price, I decided to get a Pepsi. However, I was foiled when the machine would not vend any product and the change return was broken. I did notice that there was a quality control number on the machine, so I called it up and left a message with the details. I had forgotten about until the other day when Erica mentioned a coupon had come in the mail.

Pepsi, or specifically the Mid-Atlantic Customer Equipment Service Center, gave me a coupon for a 1 or 2 liter bottle of Pepsi product, as much as a $1.49 value. I probably would have rather had a the Pepsi then and there, but I appreciate the effort to fix the situation. If you ignore the whole delayed gratification thing, I came out with an extra 99¢ and up to 55.648 ounces of Pepsi. Not bad, thanks for making things right Mid-Atlantic Customer Equipment Service Center.


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