Penn State Nittany Lions vs. Michigan State Spartans

Happy Senior Day! It’s the last chance to see Paul Posluszny, Tony Hunt, Tim Shaw, Levi Brown, Donnie Johnson, Jeremy Kaponis and others play at Beaver Stadium.

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Penn State ran through Temple like Charlie Weis through a buffet. It simply was not fair. More


You throw the records out the window when the Land Grant Trophy is on the line. Or is it your record yourself throwing the Land Grant Trophy out the window? I can never keep it straight. While the trophy is much maligned the “rivalry” has been more interesting than many series. Generally, games tend to be high scoring and very close or absolute blowouts.

This is a particularly extreme year for the bipolar Spartan program, best illustrated by their loss to Notre Dame. Unlike the Nittany Lions, Sparty had the Fighting Irish on the ropes with an upset in the making. They choked in a big way though, blowing a three score lead which sent their season into despair. They showed signs of life against Northwestern though, coming back from a 38-10 defict to win. That was not enough to save head coach John L. Smith’s job; he will coach his final game in green and white will be Saturday.


Check back in 2007.


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    Carroll H. Cook (Pitt ’54) had a little bit to say about the Nittany Lions this week.

    John (Boston, MA): Hey Beano, Did you hear they moved Paterno’s College Football HOF induction ceremony to Dec ’07- because he wont be allowed to attend this year?

    SportsNation Beano Cook: Yes, this is true. It is a shame that Paterno and Bowden will not be honored together on the same stage. I look forward to Paterno being able to attend next year. He clearly deserves such a lofty honor.

    It is really just a shame for Bowden, who will not get to bask in the glory of Paterno.


    ESPN2 has the game at noon in a national telecast.


    The plan is to tailgate before and after the game in lot 12/13. Brunch will be served before the game and hamburgers and hotdogs will be served after the game. Hot beverages will also be available. Parking may be an issue though.


    Cold, but dry, high only 46°. Dress warmly. This might be the second best weather of the season.


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    You never know if Michigan State has taken their meds, so this is typically a scary matchup. However, I expect Penn State’s defense to dominate in Posluszny’s final home game. Normally, I would say a linebacker of his caliber would tackle an opposition player, kill and butcher him with his bare hands, and devour him right on the field, but as well all know, Posluszny is a scholar and a gentleman so that won’t happen. Perhaps Dan Connor will fill that role next year. Anyhow, I’ll take Penn State 31-16 over Michigan State.


    Go STATE, beat Spartans!

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