With New Stadium, Name of Game Is MoneyThe Post
There is speculation that the new Nationals ballpark could fetch up to $10 million a year for naming rights. However, it seems as though $4 million is more likely. Given how much exposure the bank/military/other company has gotten from renaming RFK, you just know it is a going to be a high. Some of the possible names:

Capital One Financial, Sprint Nextel, Chevy Chase Bank, Geico, XM Satellite Radio and America Online.

Ohka interested in returningnationals.com
Injury-plagued free agent RHP Tomo Ohka may be interested in returning to Chocolate City. He had spent the last 1 1/2 seasons with Milwaukee after being traded following an incident with former manager Frank Robinson. Ohka’s agent says that was overblown. Jim Bowden is saying that trade was his biggest mistake of 2005. I don’t know about that, but it was up there.

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