Nationals Reassign Two Coaches to MinorsThe Post
Hitting coach Mitchell Page is now the roving minor league hitting instructor again and Randy Knorr heads back down I-95 to mange the P-Nats after replacing John Wetteland as bullpen coach.

In other news

  • The Phillies will offer Alfonso Soriano a lot of money (The Inky). I’m thrilled because I think he will ultimately weaken whichever team he signs with over the life of the contract. He may be enough to get the Fleas over the hump and into the postseason early in his contract though. That does not matter too much because the Nats will stink for a couple of years anyway. It might be bad for my annual “mayor’s bet” with The Ombudsman. I still need to collect my 2006 winnings.
  • The Lerner family gave over $7,000 (The Post) to the Fenty campaign.
  • Dave Shea Tom Paciorek fans rejoice, he is nominated for the Ford Frick award, along with Bob Carpenter and some Expos announcers.
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