Dozens Charged With Running Gambling RingThe Post
A former Nationals scout is among those charged in connection with a “billion-dollar-a-year gambling ring that rivaled casino sports books.” Frank Falzarano of Long Island was one of the biggest earners in a $3,300,000,000 operation. The Nats press release is not available on, but The Post reports they had this to say.

The Nationals have no information nor any comment on any aspect of the legal proceedings announced today involving Frank Falzarano. Mr. Falzarano was a part-time scout who worked for an area scout, who is no longer with the club. Falzarano’s contract with the Nationals expired on October 31 and was not renewed.

I guess the FBI might be stopping by RFK sometime.

Robinson Congratulates His Protege, ReplacementThe Post
Frank Robinson called to congratulate his replacement, Manny Acta. Acta of course was on Robinson’s staff in MontrĂ©al.

Also, expect longer pregame shows on the radio next year. In other radio news, DCRTV says Nats execs are apparently mad at WTWP for not running the Acta press conference live.

Notes: Third stint for Stanton?
Mike Stanton has started a campaign to return to Washington for the third time. Is anybody surprised by this revelation?

Mitchell Page will be returning as hitting coach after not having his contract renewed on Oct. 31.

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