I wonder if Seattle is trying to find a way for Vidro to fail his physical

Vidro Trade Still Pending PhysicalsThe Post
The Jose Vidro trade is still on hold since the second baseman has yet to pass his physical. The plan is for him to get it in Miami today. I wonder if they are now hoping he fails since they got fleeced by Jim Bowden. How did Bowden become so good at tricking other GMs?

Nationals obtain financial flexibilityThe Wash. Times
The Nats have been quite successful at saving money this offseason, but the question is what are they going to do with it? Will the savings be passed along to the customer? Will they be spent in improving some aspects of the new ballpark? Is it even possible to put $15 million into scouting?

Nationals’ Spring Schedule ReleasedAP/The Post
The schedule includes stops in the AAA homes of the Nats and Balmer as well as a March 31 exhibition at RFK with Balmer.

Nationals sign five to dealsThe Free Lance-Star
Five players signed 2007 contracts yesterday:

  • OF Kory Catso — the best player at AA Harrisburg last year
  • C Brandon Harper — longtime minor leaguer who finally made the big club last year.
  • RHP Chris Schroder had a 6.35 ERA in 21 appearances last season. He also plays a mean piano.
  • LHP Mike Hickley – 6-8 with a 5.52 ERA in 28 starts with the P-Nats
  • RHP Chris Booker, who had half a cup of coffee with the Nats last season

    Things are awfully quiet for a December 15 which is usually isn’t a good day for the Nats and their fans. Someone’s birthday got ruined two years in a row. Whatever happened to that guy? I heard a rumor that he was a roadie for The Great Kat, but it was just a rumor.

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