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While it is discouraging that the Nationals have not been able to get a starting pitcher signed so far this offseason we must look at the bright side — Jim Bowden has not traded Chad Cordero for Willy Mo Pena…yet.

The Nats did take two in the rule 5 draft though. Welcome C Jesus Flores from the Mets system and RHP Levale Speigner from the Twins. Both have to stay in the majors or be offered back to their previous clubs for $25,000. Flores shows promise as Brian Schneider’s back-up behind the plate while Flores will probably find time in the bullpen, but has started in the past.

Also, the Cubs are interested in Ryan Church. The Nats want starting pitching, likely Sean Marshall, a rookie last year with a 6-9 record and a 5.59 ERA. It seems a high price for the Cubs, unless Marshall is the second coming of Brian Lawrence.

RHP Tomo Ohka was offered a contract too ( He’s not great, but he can eat some innings and probably won’t turn his back on Manny Acta.

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