Since I pretty much gave up on McDonald’s and other fast food joints, I have switched to Subway and other chain sandwich joints for quick meals. I almost always go with a roast beef on wheat without cheese or mayo. Here is a rundown of my favorites


In the last six months Sheetz, the Altoona based convenience store/gas station chain, has become my favorite for subs. I like the MTO touch screen ordering, but most of all I like the good meat and bread. I actually crave these subs from time to to time. When we went to get our Christmas tree, I specifically looked up where the nearest Sheetz was on our route. I found one in Leesburg.

UPSIDES: excellent meat and bread, touch-screen ordering
DOWNSIDES: tends to be slow, no green peppers or spinach for toppings, only in rural areas

Potbelly Sandwich Works

PotBelly recently emerged as my favorite local (as in available in the D.C. area) chain. The two most important things — bread and meat are excellent. The service is pretty good too. It is my favorite local sub chain.

UPSIDES: excellent meat and bread, touch-screen ordering
DOWNSIDES: no green peppers or spinach for toppings, very few outside the Beltway


If I can’t find a Sheetz, Wawa is a good alternative. The meat is good and there is also touchscreen ordering. If they switched from sweet peppers to green peppers, they’d be closer to #2 but not having wheat as an option hurts them.

UPSIDES: excellent meat, touch-screen ordering
DOWNSIDES: no green peppers or spinach for toppings, no wheat bread, very few around D.C. (yet) or on the way to Happy Valley


Another local chain, I have had good sandwiches at Booeymonger every time. The meat isn’t as good as Sheetz or PotBelly, but better than Subway. They have green peppers as a topping, so that makes me happy.

UPSIDES: green peppers
DOWNSIDES: very few outside the Beltway


Up until recently, Subway was the go-to, but as I have tried Wawa, Sheetz, etc. Subway is kind of obsolete. The bread is mediocre and the meat is the worst in the industry. They gets points for quick service and most of all, toppings. I can get spinach and peppers here.

UPSIDES: ubiquitous, green peppers and spinach, efficiency
DOWNSIDES: meat quality


Blimpie has better meat than Subway, but fewer bread/roll and topping options. There are not too many either so I have not been to one in a long time. They may be better than I remember.

DOWNSIDES: limited toppings, bread, not too many of them

I have only been to Quizno’s once and I was not impressed.

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