One of the reasons Tysons Corner Center is one of the premier malls in the country is because it often has specialty stores before other malls. An excellent example of this the Lego Store, which I recently stopped by during my semi-annual mall trip. That place is cool and by cool, I mean totally sweet. Had it existed when I was a kid my parents might have gone broke. In addition to having lots of Lego sets and grabbags of random Legos, the store has an entire wall of Legos bins from which you can select individual pieces like brown chairs. Who knew there was such a need for brown chairs?

While the grumpy old man in me thinks that increasing the Lego specialization (i.e. spectrum beyond the classic blue-red-yellow-white-gray-black facial expressions other than smiles, ornamental grass?!) that started with Blacktron is a bit much, I make an exeption for coolest toy team-up ever — Lego Star Wars.

Author: WFY

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