Nats Are Unmoved by Early Trade Offers for CorderoThe Post
If you don’t want closer Chad Cordero traded the news is good. So far. There is not much of a market for him, but it sounds to me like the Nats really want someone to trade them a couple of starting pitching prospects. I think their overestimation of his value will put the brakes on a trade for the forseeable future, but he is a marked man now. Jim Bowden is sulking:

The dejected look on Jim Bowden’s face said it all: As much as the Washington Nationals general manager would like to acquire pitching before he leaves the winter meetings, he’s just not finding willing trade partners.

I guess there is an upside.

OF Ryan Church and “2B” Jose Vidro are also trade bait with the former the most likely to be headed elsewhere.

A 3-way trade with Detroit and Balmer that would have yielded Rodrigo Lopez (The Sun) fell through.

More from The Wash. Times: Nats yet to find right fit for trade

Spending Cap May Block BeautyThe Post
If you were hoping the new ballpark might have lots of “bronze statues, ornate entrance gates, even brightly colored tile mosaic staircases” you are probably going to be dissapointed. It looks like the spending cap will prevent a lot of that from being included in the new ballpark. Maybe the Lerners will chip in a few bucks. Maybe they’ll make a good faith effort to field a decent team this year too.

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