Boswell on pitching; sectarian strife hits Natmosphere

THOMAS BOSWELLAn Embarrassment Of PitchesThe Post
Boswell is distressed by the Nats’ current pitching situation. Who outside of the suits at 2400 East Capitol Street isn’t concerned?

I have been saying for a while that I need to compile a list of all the interviews and special features the Natmosphere has been doing lately, and one of these days I will. However, sharing with you the latest big project can’t wait. Beltway Boys interviewed Bill Ladson, the beat writer and Lazarus Distinguished Senators took exception. It is too early to determine if this is just a skirmish, or an all-out war.

Before this escalates any further, I feel it is necessary to remember the last time Nats blogs fought. By the time Ball Wonk and The Nats Blog were done battling with each other, both were so wounded that neither survived long. I urge all parties involved to keep this cautionary tale in mind.

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