I am declaring victory for HD-DVD over Blu-Ray in the latest round of format wars. I base this on a Philly Daily News column by Joathan Takiff. He says the pr0n industry prefers HD-DVD so the smart money is on that format winning out. Why? Well, history. Although Beta videotapes were superior in quality, pr0n’s preference for the cheaper VHS helped seal its fate. Takiff’s column shows similarities to the past:

A WARM WELCOME: The pr0n guys say they’ve found open arms in the HD-DVD camp – folks who were more than happy to explain the ins and outs of the interactive system and to arrange for duplication at “affordable” prices.

But Blu-Ray format co-developer Sony has thrown road blocks in their path, say the merchants, by refusing to duplicate titles in its pressing plant and maybe by discouraging other domestic duplicators from taking on the job.

While denying the latter charge, a Sony spokesperson confirmed the former, reiterating that the company “does not replicate adult titles” and has “never done it.” In the past, the company refused to duplicate X-rated videos in either its Betamax tape format (remember that one?) or on UMD discs for the PSP portable game system…Say what you will about pr0nography’s charms – or lack of same. Clearly it has helped drive the early adoption of many technologies, from the printing press to the (Beta-stomping) VHS videocassette, the Internet and the DVD.

Yup. Put your money on HD-DVD.

Obviously, I took a few liberties with the spelling and editing here so that the assorted filters wouldn’t go crazy. I also posted it after closing time.

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