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The new hockey uniforms are previewed. Thankfully, the jersey does not tuck in, so this may not be the doomsday that was predicted.

This change likely means that the Captials will finally return to red, white and blue. You may recall I got Capitals owner Ted Leonsis to say on the record that it was a matter of when, not if, the colors would revert back to red, white and blue.

WFY: What’s going on with the uniforms? It seems every year we have people scratching their heads wondering if you’ll be going back to red, white, and blue uniforms.

Leonsis: We will eventually go back to red, white, and blue. For every person who sends me an email that wants the color change or new uniform, I get as many mails, mostly from mothers, saying “please don’t change the uniform because then I have to buy the new jersey for my children and they are very expensive.” I am very cognizant of that and when we’re changing the uniform I don’t want it to look like we are doing it to generate money. To be honest, that is not even how it works. We’re not the recipient of individual, additional jersey sales. That is a misconception. The NHL overall is looking at changing the style, the weight and making the uniforms more contemporary. So, I think we’ll just wait and see when the NHL goes to a new design and style and new color scheme and logos ready and that would be the time to do it.

MBDC: I imagine there will be a lot of effort put into that when the time comes, so there is not a repeat of the Buffaslug disaster.

Leonsis: *laughs* Yes, we will make sure we have total fan buy-in before do anything.

Hopefully, it won’t be this design:

I grabbed the image above (without permission) from, an excellent site that you should all visit. This was listed under the 2000-2001 season as a “bonus uniform.” The story goes that the Caps were going to start playing in these, but e-mails from mothers who didn’t want to have to buy new jerseys for their kids made Leonsis’ mind. I hope the new uniforms have a simpler Capitol dome logo with stars up and down the sleeves like the original sweaters. We’ll see.

Hat tip to: Off Wing Opinion.

What other bloggers are saying: On Frozen Blog, Bleatings from a Caps Nut, Japers Rink, A View from the Cheap Seats. By the way, I enjoyed meeting some of them at Kevin Hatcher Fan Club’s Happy Hour at Bugsy’s in Old Town on Tuesday.

Boy, isn’t that much more interesting than talking about the Caps current play? At least they swept the Flyers.

Oh and next time the NHL does this sort of thing, maybe they ought to use a grown-up as the model in the publicity photo.

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