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Lukas ranks cities based on their professional team uniforms. It’d put Chicago first since all of their teams have readily identifiable designs that never change and look sharp. My top five:

  • Chicago – once they got it right, they didn’t mess with what works.
  • New York Area (including NJ and L.I., which Lukas didn’t do even though he merged SF/Oakland/San Jose) – the only problem child is the Mets with their black uniforms.
  • Boston – the Pats uniforms leave something to be desired, but the other teams have timeless designs.
  • San Francisco Bay Area – Everybody looks pretty good, aside from the Sharks which are okay. The 49ers need to go back to their 1980s version full time.
  • Pittsburgh – All three wearing approximately the same colors is pretty cool

    Honorable mention to Detroit (the Red Wings and Tigers are classic and the Lions are pretty good despite the unnecessary black. The Pistons — who cares?)

    Lukas put Washington at #13 (out of 20), tied with Miami which I don’t get. The Capitals and Wizards may have boring unis, but at least nobody here wears teal or aqua. He might be right about the Twin Cities being last though, what the Vikings did to their uniforms is pointless.

    Best by sport:

    NHL – Devils
    NBA – Celtics
    MLB – Yankees
    NFL – Cowboys

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