• Let me just say, it is great to be wrong on this one!
  • BOURBON! This is a top shelf win too.
  • RB Tony Hunt was just a beast today. He may be better than I thought. He might be better than a 3rd down back in the NFL. He was a battering ram. Player of the game and offensive player of the season. I wish he could have gotten a TD at the end.
  • MLB Paul Posluszny had a monster third quarter, getting a bunch of TFLs. Did you notice he was not wearing a knee brace? He will be missed as he was quite possiblely the best Penn State player, over the course of a career, since I became a Nittany Lion in 1995.
  • OLB Sean Lee was a having a pretty bad game until he caused the fumble that Tony Davis took in for a touchdown.
  • Anthony Scrirotto is really turning into a great safety. If he can keep improving on his tackling, he should be all Big11Ten.
  • T Levi Brown was offsides again. For as much as he was hyped, he took a lot of penalties.
  • Overall, a strong performance by the offensive line.
  • DT Jay Alford had a pretty
    good game with a few flashes of domination.
  • Penn State is still the worst 3rd and really long team in history. Right before they gave up a 3rd and 23 I think I said that “the Vols have us right where they want us.”
  • The 92 yard drive was the best Penn State has had in years.
  • Joe Paterno might have smiled twice during the whole game, at least in the shots of him we saw. I am not sure how he was contributing to the game though, since he had no headset and did not appear to be talking to anyone. At the end did you see that Fran Ganter was in the box with him?
  • K Kevin Kelly could be the death of Paterno.
  • CB Justin King is living up to his early billing, more so than WR Derrick Williams. He’ll be an All-American before he is done and probably the best ever at the position for Penn State.
  • Finally QB Anthony Morelli finally played a good game againist decent competition. He was sharp thourghout, played with confidence and even looked like he was having fun. I feel a lot better about him as the starter now. He has shut up the critics for the offseason.
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