• I love the panic that overcomes this area when snow is forecast. I know it is ultimately embarrassing, but it is still a lot of fun.
  • I like that it snowed here on the days pitchers and catchers report. It seems appropriate. I think it snowed last year, too.
  • Is it just me, or would Synchronisity II been a better choice for The Police to perform during the Grammys?
  • sournsweet.com notes that Office Space went the way of Rocky Horror the other night at the Drafthouse.
  • I saw an online ad for Cinderella III. I never knew there was a Cinderella II.
  • A Snapshot™ in USA Today noted that more people snowboarded last year than skied. Perhaps this is why Big Boulder built so many snowboard parks.
  • When I drive west on I-66, the snow is always noticeably heavier right at the Fairfax County line.
  • Indianapolis is the least significant city to ever have a Super Bowl championship. In fact, it might be the least significant American city to ever win a title.
  • The TV show Parking Lot is now available on GetTrio.com. It was by Jeff Krulik and John Heyn (interview), creators of Heavy Metal Parking Lot. Basically, the show is the same idea as HMPL, just with different concerts and events.
  • It turns out that Maryland fans/coaches feel the same way about Heather Dinich as Penn State fans/coaches did.
  • I’m so glad Mike Moss is back on WTOP. I couldn’t stand Richard Day’s voice.
  • There are over 4,000 signatures on an online petition (CDT) to have State College bars celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 2 because March 17 is during spring break. Bars are not officially supporting the idea (The Collegian), but “if demand is there, they’ll plan accordingly.”
  • Happy Valentine’s Day Erica!
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