The Bush House: One year later

Plans to restore building to take yearsCDT
The Bush House, a historic Bellefonte hotel & tavern, burnt to the ground a year ago, but the site is at least two years from being redeveloped. Flood mapping and meeting the requirements of the historic district are causing the delay. Bellefonte is Centre County’s seat and is known for its Victorian architecture. The borough is just up the road from State College.

Kenny and Sue Kempton, owners of the site, have indicated they will reopen Schnitzels Tavern, a beloved German-cusine restuarant and bar that was part of the Bush House. If I recall correctly, much of Schnitzels was able to be salvaged after the fire. The Kemptons have not yet determined where a new Schnitzels will go and have opened up another eatery in the meantime. Erica and I had enjoyed a meal or two at Schnitzels years ago. My friend Damon tended bar there while we were at Penn State too.

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