While we can debate The Plan until we are blue in the face, the Nats are doing something that is simply marvelous (The Post) at the new ballpark:

The Washington Nationals new stadium will feature a grove of cherry trees beyond the left field seats, flowers lining the wall above parts of the outfield and a high-definition scoreboard spread over right field, all designed to give the stadium in Southeast Washington a signature look…”We wanted something that would be uniquely Washington, and this is one of the most prominent features our city has,” Kasten said.

I believe there will also be cherry trees outside of the ballpark. This shows that the Nats can “get it” despite some missteps like the parking garages (though that is largely the District’s fault). Hopefully, the blooming will coincide with Opening Day every year. MissChatter has photos of the press conference. Her site was down at post time though. She also has a new edition of Chat’s Nats, her renamed Nats vodcast. Channel 4 has the ballpark video.

The cherry trees were only part of the press conference. Shockingly, there was talk about the suites and other revenue streams (The Wash. Times). There was also reminders that the ballpark will be done on schedule.

The Nats will continue the Nook Logan as a switch hitter experiment (The Post) that the Tigers started in 2000. Best of luck to them, I suppose. By the way, on the cherry trees story, the link says “The Nationals will continue the eight year struggle of trying to make Nick Logan, 27, into a switch hitter.”

The Nats had yesterday off and Manny Acta said that no one was required to show up at Space Coast Stadium. With no game to cover, The Wash. Times took the time to look at the team’s to-do list. The five topics:

  • Who’s in the rotation?
  • When will Johnson play?
  • Who’s in left field?
  • Will Luis Ayala be ready?
  • What about Guzman?

    I think I like thinking about the new ballpark more than these things.

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