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The commonwealth is not being open with the public on the Dulles corridor Metro extension:

A state law intended to bring big-ticket road and rail projects to fruition quickly and cheaply also grants the parties involved an unusual level of secrecy in their negotiations. The lack of transparency could make it difficult to evaluate the financial risks that accompany such complex public works, such as cost overruns and scheduling delays, some local officials and critics say.

Here is where that becomes a problem:

The concerns about secrecy are compounded by a conflict over how the rail line will run through Tysons Corner. Current plans call for an elevated track down the middle of Route 7. The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors and TysonsTunnel.org, a coalition organized by the McLean Chamber of Commerce, are urging that the process be opened for consideration of a tunnel, which they say would enhance Tysons’ evolution into a mature urban center.

Gov. Timothy M. Kaine (D) has resisted the tunnel option, and an engineering report commissioned by the state concluded that it would be too expensive, time-consuming and technically risky. State officials also say that the delays necessary to consider a tunnel place $900 million in federal funds at risk.

Tunnel advocates say that with the construction consortium’s price for the aerial option under wraps, the state’s claim of a higher cost for the tunnel is not credible.

“We have all the documents [supporting] the tunnel in the public domain,” said Schwartz, referring to a $3.5 million engineering study funded by TysonsTunnel.org.

If the Tysons tunnel through solution genuinely is cost prohibitive, I want to know about it through public records. Letting our government officials say “trust us” is not good enough. We don’t need another Big Dig fiasco.

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