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A rebuilt E. College Ave. McDonald’s opened last night to a bit of fanfare. It is one of the next generation McDonald’s that dl004d blogged about last year.

Some patrons sat in the upstairs dining room, which has a clean, streamlined look with high-top tables, bistro-style seating and soft overhead lighting.

Others chose the sports bar-themed downstairs dining room, with six flat screen televisions and track lighting. Some admired the brushed aluminum walls lined with colorful artwork. Additional outdoor café seating will be available in the spring.

That sounds kind of cool, but is it practical? It seems unecessary since McDonald’s is catering to a captive audience of 40,000+ students who don’t have that many traditional fast food options downtown anymore. What is the advantage of having people hanging around when you are trying to make money on sales volume? That McDonald’s never lacked for customers..

Ultimately, I think it exposes the restaurant to more risk when all the drunks show up after the bars close.

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