Here we are in season three of the Nats and unfortunately MASN, the cable network owned by Peter Angelo$, still can’t deliver a Nationals game successfully.

Last night, the Nats telecast was relegated to MASN 2, the overflow network that uses CSPAN’s slot on Comcast. Why wouldn’t the home team be on the flagship MASN? In D.C. the Nats should be on MASN and the Orioles should be on MASN 2. The opposite makes sense in Baltimore. Duh.

I though it had it bad last night when “ghosts” from another channel (WETA, I think) were in the background of the Nats MASN 2 broadcast. It turned out others had it much worse than I did:

Capital Punishment: MASN Stinks

I forgot to point this out the other day, but better late than never.

Those graphical geniuses at Peter Angelos’ MASN network were at it again. First, they misidentified our star third baseman as “Brian Schneider.”

There is more: Two-Bit Crapbag Operation

Now tonight, large segments of people who ACTUALLY WANT TO WATCH Kasten’s shitty team are unable to because their digustingly incompetent television situation has farked everything up. I’ve had a bunch of emails, and now some comments. And the people at BPG are chipping in.


Someone in the previous thread called MASN and was told that the blackout was the Nationals’ fault, which it clearly isn’t. (more lies reported in the comments to Svrluga’s blog)


Apparently last night, because of the sharing agreement between the Baltimore Orioles and Nationals broadcast slots, it was the Nationals turn to utilize the alternative station MASN2. Unfortunately MASN and DirecTV had their wires crossed somehow and MASN2 was not being broadcast on the designated channel 671 on DirecTV. Mass hysteria and panic set-in on the message boards…and I can only imagine what the poor operators at MASN and DirecTV must have experienced.

‘Cause there’s nothing worse than a pissed-off Washington baseball fan…34 years of being snubbed by MLB and now being raked through the coals by Peter Angelos can produce some pretty cranky characters, especially when it comes to being able to watch their team.

Well the people at MASN and DirecTV apparently found the problem around 8:30 and service commenced around the 6th inning…

Nationals Power also adds:

Tonight’s game was the first one carried on MASN-2 (channel 671 on DirecTV for me) and I couldn’t record the original broadcast because, before I went to work, I went to channel 671 to record it and it read, “To be announced” (!!!!!!) In other words, there wasn’t anything that I could do about it. Either DirecTV or MASN dropped the ball here, not sure which. I recorded the game overnight on MASN, just to check out Bob and Don’s analysis and see a few highlights.

I’m sure the Ballpark Guys boards have less restrained opinions too.

None of this is of course surprising. Peter Angelos has shown contempt for Washington for years and MLB coddled him when the Nationals showed up. It is not unreasonable to conclude the MASN’s performance is a reflection of that attitude.


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