After 28 years of living in Northern Virginia I recently started traveling the Capital Beltway on a daily basis. I was pleased I got by so long without having to commute on “Washington’s main street.”

As I approached the ramp for I-495 north (Beltway Inner Loop) on VA 236 west (Little River Tpk.) I noticed a line of cars waiting to get on the ramp. I was kind of annoyed, because I got on the road earlier than normal, yet still had a backup. Merging onto the Beltway, the traffic was crawling. At about the same time I approached Gallows Road, WTOP’s Lisa Baden noted that traffic was slow because drivers were reading a variable message sign about today being an Ozone Action Day or whatever it is called. Yes, drivers were slowing down, thus creating congestion and causing more pollution because of a sign suggesting they use mass transit or carpool because of ozone levels.

How many Beltway drivers do you exited and took transit?

Author: WFY

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