WASHINGTON 4 Cleveland 1 (ESPN Boxscore)

The Nats returned to the Curly W column last night with a 4-1 victory over the visiting Cleveland Indians. Although he only got 4 1/3 innings out of his 104 ptiches, Micah Bowie was effective enough to keep the Nats undefeated in games he starts. Saul Rivera benefited from Bowie’s early exit and picked up his second win of the season.

Recent call up Brandon Watson went 2 for 4, knocking in two runs, his first RBIs since Oct. 1, 2005. The always charming Jim Bowden had this to say to 00:

“Mr. Watson, welcome home; congratulations on your streak,” Bowden said as he shook Watson’s hand. “Start a new one up here. You know they only count up here, don’t you?”

That’s some great general managing there Jimbo.

The bullpen, including Luis Ayala in his first appearance since 2005, pitched 5 2/3 scoreless innings. Chad Cordero was lights out, striking out the first two batters on his way to a save.

Cristian Guzman went 3 for 4, including a solo home run to raise his average up to .334.

Watson Comes Through For NatsThe Post

Nats get a balance of powerThe Wash. Times

Thom Loverro of The Wash. Times takes a look at shortsighted Expos trade that sent prospects Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee and Brandon Philllips to the Indians for P Bartolo Colon. Given that the franchise was suppossed to be contracted, the trade made sense for the immediate future.

Jason Bergmann is scheduled to return to the rotation (The Post) on Monday in Atlanta. John Patterson is slowly coming back (The Wash. Times) and will pitch for the P-Nats again on Tuesday.

It looks like Manny Acta will be featured in Washingtoninan (The Wash. Times) sometime soon. Also, check out these numbers:

80 Percent of Nationals games against AL teams that have lasted longer than three hours.

15 Percent of Nationals games against NL teams that have lasted longer than three hours.

I’m so glad the Nats are in the NL.

Mayor Adrian Fenty toured the ballpark yesterday for the first time.

Fenty (D) said he felt compelled to visit the workers to ensure them that the project won’t be disrupted even though he persuaded Allen Y. Lew to leave his role as chief executive of the D.C. Sports and Entertainment Commission to head the city’s $2.3 billion school modernization program. Lew and Gregory O’Dell, whom Fenty has chosen to replace him, joined the mayor on his ballpark tour yesterday.

Jack Evans (D-Ward 2), the world’s greatest city councilman, has indicated he’ll get more involved now that Lew won’t be around.

KidsPost says kids should go to Nats games.

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