I just received an email from MASN asking me to link to an Astroturf-roots Web site that advocates MASN being installed on a North Carolina cable system. While I sympathize with Carolinians who can’t watch the Nats, I am not going to help MASN out.

I’m almost flattered that MASN took the time to spam me, but clearly they don’t read this site because if they did, they would know I think very little of their operation and nothing of its owner, Peter Angelo$. Keeping me from watching my team for nearly two seasons won’t be forgiven any time soon, nor will the condescending attitude displayed during the first Nationals vs. O’s series this season.

If Angelo$ cares so much about North Carolina baseball fans he can do one of two things:

1.) Relinquish the “territory” in North Carolina

2.) Return the Nationals TV rights to the Nationals

Anything short of either of those steps will be seen as nothing but another money grab by Angelo$, whose fear of competition on the field from the Yankees and Red Sox and in the D.C.-Baltimore region led to unprecedented welfare from MLB. NC fans, like D.C. fans, are being punished because Angelo$ is a vindictive coward, so why would I try and help him?


Author: WFY

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