There is probably no print reporter in Pennsylvania as critical* of Joe Paterno and Penn State as David Jones of Harrisburg’s Patriot-News. Jones gets a bad rap from Nittany Lion fans, but I think he’s probably the best columnist on Penn State football out there.

Back in May, Jones penned a long column about Paterno’s “clean up the stadium” decision and called it a preemptive strike against Office of Judicial Affairs. Yesterday, he followed up with another column about the subject and declared “total victory” for Paterno:

With safety Anthony Scirrotto and defensive lineman Chris Baker now cleared by Penn State’s Office of Judicial Affairs not only to play in all games but fully participate in August preseason drills, Joe Paterno’s preemptive plan of action has proven to be brilliant…

By publicizing his plan to have the entire team clean the stadium after home games on Sundays and take part in various charitable causes around town, the coach hoped to impress upon president Graham Spanier — and more important, the national audience — that his players weren’t “a bunch of hooligans.”

Well, it apparently worked. Centre Daily Times cops reporter Pete Bosak confirmed yesterday that Judicial Affairs director Joe Puzycki (through Spanier’s sign-off, you can bet) has suspended Scirrotto only for summer semester. Presumably, he will also be put to bed without any supper.

I’m not so sure that “total victory” as Jones puts it is at hand. Scirrotto and Baker still have to get through the criminal justice system and while the felonies charges may get dropped for misdemeanors I suppose Judicial Affairs could act again.

In the end, there are no winners in this stupid situation that Scirrotto got himself in. I’ll save my opinion about what should be done to him after he has had his day in court.

* I am excluding the Post-Gazette staff because they are whiny and provincial to a fault. They can’t be taken too seriously because after all, they still think Pitt is a elite D-I football program

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