On Friday, Erica gave me the heads-up that this week’s Post Travel section features the Jersey Shore. I have kind of mixed feelings about the Shore being featured. Like the Evan “Paradox !-)” Macbeth, whose 1995 ode to the NJ Turnpike notes “out-of-staters think that New Jersey is the Turnpike, they do not go mucking about in the other, nicer, non-polluted and generally idyllic parts of the state” I am open to the idea of keeping it “a secret.” However, I am also very provincial about it and that is ultimately what compels me to draw attention to it again and again.

There is an introductory article about the Shore that sums up the 127 miles of shoreline fairly well, though it pulls in the Soprano’s angle, seemingly a requirement of any story about the Garden State these days.

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