Nats defeat Fleas, Wendelstedt

Washington 7 PHILADELPHIA 6 (CBS Sportsline Boxscore)

Another day, another Nats comeback, another 9th inning loss…wait, they held on? Chad Cordero only gave up one run in the ninth with a two run lead?! Sweet.

It appears a crazy game. I only got to hear the 1st and 9th innings because I’m in that demographic Lee D’Elia really likes. Anyway, the Natmosphere has a new enemy — Hunter Wendelstedt. The umpire threw starting pitcher John Lannan for hitting two Philly batters. On the radio highlights, Dave Shea Jageler got pretty animated in his disgust. Don Sutton wasn’t too happy on the TV side either, according to the 3 girls with ♥. Capitol Punishment had a theory as well.

Based on what I have seen today, I have concluded that Wendelstedt hates:

  • freedom
  • puppies and kittens
  • Washington
  • babies
  • ice cream on a hot day
  • bunny rabbits
  • rookies
  • strike zones
  • you

I don’t think we can ever let him live this down.

Good thing the Nats won, because being down 6-2 would be pretty hard to come back from; I think 5-3 is much better. Congratulations on winning this series Cliff, just remember, the Nats came back last year.


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