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Yesterday, I saw on E&P that was unveiling a new design. Now that i have seen it, some comments:

  • The home page is less cluttered and has slightly more white space
  • Like many redesigned newspaper sites, there is a tabbed eyepiece/carousel/widget. However, there is a lot trapped white space when tabs don’t have photographs, a typical situation in the early morning.
  • Blogs are given more prominence with a box that begins near the scroll
  • Columnists are not as prominently featured on the home page, but more so on the section fronts.
  • Video has been added to the home page and section fronts, but is below the scroll.
  • It is a seven column grid.
  • I like the three promo spots near the scroll.
  • I don’t like the new typeface for the logo.
  • Overall, it is an improvement over their previous design.

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