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First off, let me say that it still irks me that The Post labeled this interchange as the Mixing Bowl. The real Mixing Bowl is the original Shirley Highway (currently I-395)/Washington Blvd. (VA 27) interchange. Okay, now that I have said that (again) I can move on.

I don’t drive through it everyday, but even my sporadic use of the interchange shows it to be an improvement over what was there previously. Overall, I’m impressed with VDOT’s handling of this massive project. It was done on time and on budget which is pretty impressive given it lasted eight years — just inflation is enough to make bust the budget sometimes.

As for the design of it, I’m pleased with it because all the left exits, with the exception of I-95 SOUTH from the inner loop (which technically isn’t an exit since I-95, not the Beltway, is the “through highway”), have been removed. I don’t find the signing at all confusing, but I definitely skew to the higher percentile of highway awareness. Traffic to I-95 SOUTH clearly flows better than in the old days, although it still backs up some. The interchange is also very impressive engineering to admire.

Fritz has a lengthly blog post about the Springfield interchange today. He used to drive through it regularly before he moved to Pentagon City.

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