4 days until the season kicks off!

The official Intercollegiate Athletics Penn State vs. FIU notes were released yesterday. The depth chart was included and that drives much of the coverage in the papers today. Did you know that Penn State is favored by 38 points on Saturday? I don’t think they’ll cover, but it doesn’t matter because I’m not a betting man. Unless it is for food or the “universal currency of respect/humilation” is at stake.

Don’t forget to offer your prediction for the season as well.

Today’s headlines:


  • Depth chart reveals shuffling

    The Collegian

  • Depth chart sans Quarless, Harriott
  • Depth chart clears up secondary uncertainty


  • Big questions lie with offense
  • FIU’s new coach has good bloodlines
  • Shuler projected to start for Lions Saturday

    The Altoona Mirror (an actual Web site with no subscription wall!)

  • FIU coach trying to change his club’s image
  • Scirrotto, Baker scheduled to play
  • The five keys to success in 2007 are …

    The Inky

  • Quarless’ suspension adds to Penn State’s problems


  • Paterno set to start 42nd season at PSU, break longevity record (AP)
  • Coach says fight doesn’t define Florida International
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