On the left is the long-time logo of the New Jersey supermarket chain ShopRite. I’ve always liked it, even if it does look like the shopping cart is full of bowling balls. It is versatile too, fitting on a vegetable can, grocery bag or the side of a store equally well. It even looked good on those blue services signs you see on highways.

Around 2000, ShopRite rebranded itself with the logo to the right.

I’m sure a PR flak would explain that this is a vibrant update of the old logo and shows that ShopRite is an exciting, modern supermarket experience and not the same old grocery store. ShopRite is bursting with savings on fresh items all over the store. Not only that, they sell more than bowling balls — now you can buy polygons there too!

This strikes me of an example of rebranding for the sake of rebranding. The next time ShopRite needs to rebrand itself, they need to go retro and bring back the original logo. In fact, planning for that should begin now.

Images taken from Wikipedia’s ShopRite entry. The official history is here. I never knew the ShopRite story was so interesting.


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