Back in 2005, I blogged that D.C. planned to build a full connection at the 11th Street Bridge/Anacostia Freeway interchange. It turns out that isn’t funded yet, according to a WTOP story.

While I would have preferred the Barney Circle Freeway, an easterly extension of the Southeast Freeway to the Anacostia Freeway, having been built, a complete interchange for the 11th Street Bridge would be sufficient.

One thing I hope to come out of this is better signing. Technically speaking, the SE Freeway is I-695, but it is not signed. The 11th St. Br. is also I-295, but the signing there and along all of I-295 in the District is dubious. If it were up to me, I’d change the 11th St. Br. to I-695 and post the I-695 signs on the portion of the SE Freeway to I-395. In a more perfect world, I’d make sure I-295 was better signed south of the 11th St. Br. and DC 295 was better signed north of that bridge. In an absolutely perfect world, I’d extend I-66 over VA 110, across the 14th Street Bridge across the Barney Circle Freeway, up the Anacostia Freeway (in tandem with I-295) and onto US 50 to the Eastern Shore. While I’m at it, I’d also have Metro to Tysons (underground) and Dulles, a Columbia Pike Metro line, a new downtown D.C. line (including Georgetown), the Purple line inside the Beltway in Maryland and several other Metro lines. I’d also switch i-99 to I-270, change I-97 to I-595…I could go on and on.

There would also be a return to button-copy signs.

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