Beano Watch 10.3.2007

Thankfully, Carroll H. Cook (’54 Pitt) had very little to say about our Nittany Lions this week, but in doing that, did he say too much?

Jason (Harrisburg, PA): How do you think Paterno and his Nittany Lions will fare thoughout the rest of the season after their recent struggles away from home?

BEANO COOK: I am surprised at the semi-collapse of Penn State. The problem is in their three non-conference games they had very little competition. They should be ashmed of their non-conference schedule. I think Penn State will beat Iowa, and then the moment of truth for the season will come against Wisconsin.

Aw, nuts, we’re losing to Iowa too now. I really thought we’d win this one.

That’s all he had to say about our Nittany Lions, so there are some advantages to freefalling out of the polls.

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