I’m breaking with tradition and posting this in the morning, since many readers may be traveling this afternoon. This week’s holiday questions come to us from “where the Diamond meets the Broad” courtesy of Run Up the Score!

1. It’ll be a week of criticism, so let’s at least start off on a positive note. Name three players who have vastly exceeded your pre-season expectations.

  • Jeremy Boone — All Big11Ten punter
  • Rodney Kinlaw — I didn’t think he had a 1,000 yards in him
  • The offensive line — not a single player, but seriously, these guys are as solid a line as we’ve had and none of them were seniors

    2. At what point on Saturday did you think that Penn State might be in serious, serious trouble?

    The fake punt MSU pulled off. Prior to that, I thought Penn State was just bending too much. Then, I knew crazy old Michigan State was more manic than depressive. I guess I was concerned after the Spartans marched down the field on the first drive, but when PSU responded I was thinking expecting something like the Purdue game.

    3. What is your explanation for the four consecutive passes that effectively ended Penn State’s comeback attempt? What strategy do you think the coaches were going for?

    RUTS suggested that they were trying to make Anthony Morelli a hero and that is pretty logical, even more so than they just panicked in playcalling.

    4. What are your thoughts on a contract extension for Joe Paterno? His current contract expires after the 2008 season. Do you think he’ll head into that season with his contract status undetermined?

    No. They university will extend his contract by no less than two years, probably three. Neither Tim Curley or Graham Spainer is willing to be the guy who “fired” Joe Paterno.

    Lightning Round

    Which potential bowl opponents are the best and worst possible matchups for Penn State in the Alamo or Champs Sports Bowl?
    I suppose either Virginia Tech or UVa. are the worst for me since I live in Northern Virginia. I’d have to put up with a lot of grief if the Nittany Lions lost to either of them. Of course, if the Nittany Lions won, it’d be pretty sweet.

    If Penn State somehow gets the Alamo Bowl and Kansas or Mizzou falls that far it would be very tough. Overall, I’m not looking that far ahead because there are a few games left to decide conference standings.

    Who is going to sneak into the BCS Championship game?

    Either West Virginia or Ohio State. I figure that the winner of the Kansas vs. Mizzou games loses the Big XII championship. It wouldn’t shock me if West Virginia lost because that would mean more work for me with the Buckeyes playing for the title again.

    Finally, from BSD, which 2007 Penn State loss was the most difficult to swallow?

    Michigan — from the first series on, I was angry. They should have won that game. Illinois was tough too, because there is no way they should have lost, but after the Michigan game, I was already numbed.

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